Kennel of Miniature Pinschers and Dobermans

Greetings, we are Zoran and Snežana Grujić.
We live in Zemun - Serbia. We would like to briefly tell you something about us and our kennel. 

We are big lovers of animals, and especially dogs, to which we have devoted ourselves in every sense. In childhood we had American Staffordshire terriers and German shepherds.
Our kennel deals with Miniature Pinschers and Dobermans. The first dog in our kennel is the miniature pinscher female Hope from the von Furdini kennel. Later, we imported several dogs from world-famous kennels to improve quality. We have a clear goal even though we are a young kennel.

Our first priority is the quality and health of the dogs. We strive to ensure that our dogs have the best conditions and the best nutrition. We strictly ensure that the puppies from our kennel go into the best hands and that the future owners are as satisfied as possible. During a visit to our friend Aleksandar Čulinović and his kennel, our love for Dobermans was born and we took the female Shila Shakira of Sneyk. All our dogs are exceptional bloodlines, properly vaccinated and genetically tested.

Anyone interested in Miniature Pinschers and Dobermans is free to contact us for information about the breed and for advice. We are available to future owners of dogs from our kennel 24 hours a day for all questions, advice and concerns. Thank you for choosing our kennel.

With respect, 
Zoran i Snežana